The Austrian Space Forum OEWF covers a broad range of activities from professionally organised and conducted Mars simultations and analog research programmes, parabolic flight experiments, lectures & presentations and technical seminars to school and youth competitions. It also cooperates with Yuri’s Night to award the Polar Star Prize to people, who arouse enthusiasm for space.


Between 27.April – 01.May 2012 the Austrian Space Forum together with international research partners carried out a five day Mars analogue field test at the Mammoth cave and the Giant Ice caves at the Dachstein region in Austria. Read more here










Suit tester Daniel Schildhammer at the Dachstein giant ice cave
Copyright: (c) OEWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)


Articles about the Mars Analog Field Test “Dachstein 2012″:

+ 2011
Rio Tinto Mars Simulation together with the European Space Agency and 10 international partners

+ Since 2008
PolAres Programme – a Mars analogue research programme for human-robotic exploration missions.

+ 2006
AustroMars – Mars expedition simulation at the Mars Desert Research Station

+ 2004
Emergency medicine under 0-g conditions
During the 37th Parabolic Flight Campaign of the European Space Agency, OeWF experiments on advanced airway management were carried out. In close cooperation with the university hospital Innsbruck and the Universiy of Innsbruck 93 parabolas with a total zero-g time of 30 minutes were flown

+ 2004
Space & Security Workshop
In February 2004, the OeWF organized one of the first public conferences in Europe on the sensitive topic of “space and security”, featuring presentations of high-ranking experts in the areas of strategic planning, international law, technology and economics as well as policy making, on how Europe should establish a successful security and military defence doctrine, while utilising the power-multiplying factor “space”.

Picture: (c) Austrian Space Forum