Space activities is fascinating, useful and an integral part of our world. We spread that message: through school and youth competitions, Yuris Night events, presentations and lecturing activities, as well as high-profile activities such as nationwide large public outreach events.


+ 2011
multimedia show “Cosmos – the discovery of the world” in 2 major cities

+ Since several years organizing the Austrian Yuris Night

+ Since several years
supporting Young University Innsbruck with workshops and know-how

+ 2007
ESA Space Camp
150 children and teenagers of ESA staff members participated in the ESA Space Camp in Millstatt and Spittal/Drau in Kärnten enjoing a mix of sports and recreational activities as well as a colorful and fascinating space & science programme. The Forum was the prime contractor for this unique event in Austria organising all logistical aspects of the 2-week endavour and taking care of the space-related activities in close collaboration with ESA staff. The project included a local exhibition and a plethora of public events and media activities.

+ 2005
Sinkflug 01/05 (Descent Flight) – Into a new world
On January, 14th, the european space probe Huygens landed on Titan, the largest Moon of the Saturn system: the Austrian Space Forum organized one of europe’s largest public events on the occasion of this magic moment of astronautics. More than 650 visitors enjoyed a well balanced mix of lectures, show elements,three teleconferences as well as a live-interpretation of the first images of the Huygens probe.

+ 2004
New Horizons – - the space travelling exhibition
In the first half of 2004, the travelling exhibition “New Horizons” was on display in the nine austrian state capitals. More than 12.000 people visited the show, rendering it the most successful space exhibit of its kind in Austria. Besides a plethora of complimentary activities – ranging from astronomical star tours to classroom lectures etc…- the media echo was impressive

+ 2002
Science Fiction Week
Over the course of seven days the “Science Fiction Week” took place in the “Donauzentrum”in Vienna: This extraordinarily big event ranged from podium discussions with space experts from all over Europe, meetings with science fiction authors and doing model rocket handicrafts with children, to a large and well equipped space & science fiction exhibition and to “Klingon” fights. More than 10.000 visitors came to see the spectacle, and more than 9 million media contacts were established overall.

Picture: (c) Austrian Space Forum