The EMC12 ended on Sunday the 14th of October at 15:30 as planned and was considered quite a success when listening to comments from attendees of the convention. This needs also to be attributed to the strong and effective support from our host, the University of the Armed Forces of Germany.

The next years EMC13 will most probably be held in France, for 2014 the Austrians are volunteering.


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As in the past years did scientists, Mars enthusiasts and all those involved or interested in manned and unmanned Mars exploration meet in order to learn more about Mars and exchange experience, information and views.

The EMC 12 followed the annual Munich “Oktoberfest”, which ends on 8 October. Those who like to make the experience of this worldwide reknown “beer event” and eventually enjoy the beautiful city of Munich and the nearby numerous opportunities for visits and hiking and the cultural events in Munich arrived earlier in Munich or stayed longer.


Neubiberg, where the EMC12 took place, is located in the south of Munich adjacent to Ottobrunn. Ottobrunn is the largest German agglomeration for space development and test with the Test Centre IABG (refer to “Events“) and the space company ASTRIUM. ASTRIUM in Ottobrunn, now a part of the European Aerospace Enterprise EADS, was originally founded under the name of MBB (Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm) after the second world war by Ludwig Bölkow and the father of the first jet aircraft ME262, Willi Messerschmitt. MBB was longtime the largest German aerospace development centre with programs such as

- scientific satellites like COS-B and the Solar Probe HELIOS

- the revolutionary helicopter BO 105

- the European launchers Europe I, II and III

- SPACELAB (its development being finally attributed in 1974 to ERNO in Bremen)

- the magnetic levitation train Transrapid- rocket engines

- propulsion components

- military aircraft

Following its merger with EADS, ASTRIUM Ottobrunn is specialised on propulsion and solar generators within the ASTRIUM consortium. Other branches of ASTRIUM are located in Germany in Bremen and Friedrichshafen and in France in Toulouse and Les Mureaux.

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