The Program of the EMC12 comprised presentations to the a variety of topics with Mars relevance

  • Manned Space
  • Mars Promotion
  • Mars Science
  • Mars Simulation

From comments received from participants of the EMC12 especially the large range of subjects covered were appreciated. Unfortunately two of the planned presentations -on ExoMars and on manned safety- could not take place due to last minute constraints of the authors.

Here is the complete list of the EMC12 presentations, which finally took place.

Download the papers by clicking on the presentation title.

Introduction to the EMC12 Jürgen Herholz
President of the Mars Society Germany

Manned Space

The Way to Mars Robert Zubrin
Mars Society USA
COLUMBUS operations as long-term manned spaceflight experience Thomas Uhlig
DLR Oberpfaffenhofen (COLUMBUS Operations)
Mars One – Let’s finally get humans to Mars! A Mars Colony by 2023 Bertram Barthel
Reusability as an Option for future European Launch Services-What does that mean for Mars Missions?

(not released for publication)
Uwe Apel
Hochschule Bremen (University of Applied Sciences)
Smallness and redundancy for a robust mission to Mars Jean-Marc Salotti
Mars Society France
Mars and Science Fiction Reinhold Glasl
Mars Society Deutschland

Mars Promotion

Mars: Explorations through Education Mark Gargano
Mars Society Australia

Mars Science

Oceanus Borealis? Pierre Brisson
Mars Society Switzerland
The Kepler Mission: Searching for a Twin of the Earth Tobias Gutmann
University Ludwig Maximilian Munich
Approach and Challenges to Science and Mission Planning for the European Orbiter Mars Express Erhard Rabenau; Michel Denis; Nicolas Altobelli
European Space Agency
Data communication and Mars missions Stephan Gerard
Mars Society France

Mars Simulation

Aouda.X & long-range Mars (analog) exploration challenges Gernot Groemer
ÖWF/MSD Austria
Cliffbot tests during the ÖWF Mars ice cave exploration simulation in Dachstein Alain Souchier
Mars Society France


The MIRIAM Flight Testing Concept: Dress Rehearsal for ARCHIMEDES Hannes Griebel
Mars Society Deutschland
DLR’s Mobile Rocket Base overview and the MIRIAM 2 launch vehicle Andreas Stamminger; Frank Scheuerpflug
DLR-Moraba (Mobile Rocket Basis) Germany
How Could the Archimedes-Mission Expand our Knowledge about the Magnetic Field of Mars and why Bother? Daniel Heyner; Hans-Ulrich Auster
University Braunschweig
COMPARE: Reference Instrumentation for Future TPS Systems Georg Herdrich; Arianit Preci; Stefanos Fasoulas
University of Stuttgart
MIRIAM-B Instrumentation, Seam Technology and Manufacturing of the MIRIAM-2 Ballute and the Instrument Pod of MIRIAM-B Klaus Bayler
Mars Society Deutschland
Improved thermochemical modelling for Martian atmospheric entry of the balloon Archimedes Christian Mundt; Martin Starkloff
University of the Armed Forces Germany
MIRIAM-2 Dynamic Analysis of the Ballute-Body Matzies; Zillmer; Rapp
University of the Armed Forces Germany
MIRIAM-2 Mission Analysis Roger Förstner; D.Sauseng
University of the Armed Forces Germany
Design of the MIRIAM-2 Ballute Inflation and Cold Gas System Alexandra Wander; Wolfgang Mai; David Fischer; Mathias Fölsch; Roger Förstner; Kostas Constantinides
University of the Armed Forces Germany
The MIRIAM-2 Service Spacecraft – System Architecture and Concept of Operation Alexandra Wander; Andreas Winhard; Christopher Krüger; Roger Förstner
University of the Armed Forces Germany
MIRIAM-2 Design and Configuration of the Service Spacecraft F.Zaumseil; M.Wolter; Kristin Paetzold
University of the Armed Forces Germany
Analyis of Separation and Attitude Florian Möller; Roger Förstner
University of the Armed Forces Germany