Munich is the capital of the German State of Bavaria and the third largest German city after Berlin and Hamburg. Munich is situated in the south of Germany near the Alps, surrounded by a beautiful landscape with many lakes. Munich is, with its large centrally located park (Englischer Garten), its vivid cultural life and its beautiful city centre and beer gardens the “dream city” for many Germans to live in. Munich attracts also millions of visitors each year. Inspite this attractiveness Munich has maintained its original “Bavarian Charm”.

Munich is only one hours drive on the motorway away from Austria and Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart.

The Munich Airport is the second largest airport in Germany with many international connections. A city train transports passengers in 40 minutes from the airport to Main Station (Hauptbahnhof), situated in the centre of Munich.

The EMC12 took place at the University of the Armed Forces (UniBw) in Neubiberg at the southern limit of Munich. The UniBw is the main partner of the Mars Society Germany in the design and development of MIRIAM 2, a flight test spacecraft supposed to simulate  an ARCHIMEDES mission in a sounding rocket mission in October 2014. MIRIAM 2 is presently under development at the UniBw.

Attractions in and around Neubiberg and Munich

Ottobrunn, located adjacent to Neubiberg, is one important “birthplace” of German space activities, which began in the 60′s. Ottobrunn is still today the homestead of both ASTRIUM Space and the German Test Centre IABG . More about IABG under Events and on Astrium under EMC 12 Introduction and Overview.

Munich offers a variety of cultural and other attractions, making it highly recommendable to stay in Munich at least for a couple of days.:

Last, but not least, is Munich worldwide reknown for its famous Beer Gardens and Taverns, which can be found all over the city.

The yearly Münchner Oktoberfest takes place in 2012 from 21 September to 8 October, just before the start of the EMC 12. Participants of the EMC 12 wishing to join this event should book early their hotel during this period.

The location, where the EMC12 took place and its access, are shown below. Except the visit to IABG all EMC12 lectures and events took place within the facilities of the university.

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