The public outreach activities of the MSD comprise:

Type of Activities

  • The MSD website with information and publications concerning Mars, news on Mars related projects and other MSD undertakings, Email service
  • Presentation and promotion of the project ARCHIMEDES
  • Acquisition of technical support and sponsors for ARCHIMEDES
  • Organisation of and participation in scientific/technical conferences
  • Participation in the yearly Mars Society Conventions in Europe and the US
  • Interviews in the media
  • Presentations on the Mars Society and ARCHIMEDES in schools
  • Support of school projects with Mars relevance
  • Regular publication of articles on the MSD website
  • Establishment and free publication of a Newsletter at irregular intervals with interesting contributions in all space domains of interest to Mars exploration and manned space endeavours, and on the MSD projects

Organization of Events:

In October 2012 the MSD has organized the 12th European Mars Society Conference (EMC12) in Munich.

Participation in Events

- 11th European Mars Society Conference, EMC 11, in Neuchatel in Switzerland

- IPPW 8 in Portsmouth, VA, USA

- from April 2012 to mid 2015 the MSD will participate as partner in an important Mars event called “Mars: Vision and Mission” and organized by the large German Shopping Center Enterprise ECE. The MSD will be represented by an exhibit of the MIRIAM remainders from the MIRIAM mission in 2008, posters on the ARCHIMEDES program and spoken contributions from interviews.