The Italian Mars Society was the promoter and organizer of the IX European Mars Society Convention (EMC9), held from 15 to 17th October 2009 in Bergamo, the first Mars Society convention in Italy.

The Italian Mars Society edited and released the Italian version of Robert Zubrin’s well-known nonfiction science book The Case for Mars, first published in 1996. The book details Zubrin’s “Mars Direct” plan to carry out the first human landing on Mars. The plan focuses on keeping costs down using automated systems and available materials on Mars to manufacture the return journey’s fuel in situ. The book also reveals possible colony designs and weighs the prospects for a colony’s material self-sufficiency and the terraforming of Mars.

The Italian Mars Society also publishes a review called Mars Transactions. Our goal is to make the review a benchmark for the scientific debate related to research on the Red Planet, not only within the international Mars Society community but also in the more general range of space research and technology companies.

The 4th issue of Mars Transactions will be soon available. Among the articles included:

  • Roberto Trucco, Mario Benassai: “MTD, the ALTEC Mars Terrain Demonstrator”
  • G. Cao, A. Concas, G. Corrias, R. Licheri, R. Orrù, M. Pisu: “Development of novel ISRU and ISFR technologies for future manned space missions”
  • V. Masarotto: “Generation and Navigability of Planetary Terrains”
  • C. Gillmann: “Evolution of the Martian Atmosphere: a Short Review”