At present, the Mars Society Polska is perhaps most known for supporting a team of students who won the University Rover Challenge 2011 contest. The success of Magma 2, as the rover is called, generated tremendous interest Poland, cumulating in a meeting with the Prime Minister.

The Magma 2 project has also led to the founding of the first ever private Polish space-related start-up business, ABM Space Education, which is currently developing an Android OS multiplayer game: Virtual Mars Rover – Mars Life Challenge, funded by Europlanet.

Within the Mars Society community the Polish chapter may also be remembered as the host of the 10th European Mars Society Convention, which took place in Warsaw in October 2010.  At present, members of the chapter are working towards organising a European Edition of the University Rover Challenge (to be hosted in Poland, either in September 2012 or 2013).

Other noteworthy projects:

  • The Polish Mars Pressurized Vehicle (MPV)
  • Other MSP supported rovers at the University Rover Challenge: Skarabeusz in 2009, Magma in 2010, Copernicus and Scorpio in 2011.
  • TOMAHAB – a Polish analogue of a Mars habitat, to be built according to the design made by Janek Kozicki
  • RODM – a 3D Mars surface modelling algorithm by Jan Kotlarz
  • Participation in a ministerial consultation program for NGO’s, concerning Poland’s future space policy – organised by the Polish Ministry of Economy
  • Visualisations by Konrad Mruk (WroVision) and Paweł Sańczyk,
  • Other outreach and information related projects.

TOMAHAB visualisation by Konrad Mruk (WroVision)