We must undertake what is possible, only what is possible, but all that is possible.

The Swiss branch of the Mars Society – Mars Society Switzerland (“MSS”; www.planete-mars-suisse.com) – was founded in February 2010 as a nonprofit organization under the Swiss laws.

It adheres to the principles of manned Mars exploration as described by Robert Zubrin in his “Case for Mars” book and to his goal of setting up a permanent basis on the Red Planet where human beings would be able to live and develop scientific research in an as-extended-as-possible autonomy (reduced costs and a first step for a larger future human settlement).





The following persons are members of the scientific committee of the MSS:

  • Sebastian Gautsch (nanotechnology)
  • Pierre-André Haldi (energy systems and risk analysis)
  • Alain Sandoz (project coordination and logistics)
  • Enrique Guzman (materials science)
  • Carlos Omar Maidana (nuclear propulsion)
  • Cedric Gillmann (planetary atmospheres)
  • Meryll Martin (vegetal biology)

Members of the Board of the association:

  • Pierre Brisson
  • Sebastian Gautsch
  • Pierre-André Haldi
  • Alain Sandoz

President of the association: Pierre Brisson