The aim of MSS is to gather Swiss scientists and specialists in all fields interested by Mars exploration (its “Scientific committee”), offering them the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and develop new projects. Around this core, its intent is to spread the knowledge acquired about Mars and make the “Mars direct” plan be known by the public at large, so as to demonstrate the interest of the exploration of Mars and the technical and financial feasibility of its exploration and settlement plans.

Latest News: Conference

On September 10th 2012 evening, from 18h15 till 20h15, the Mars Society Switzerland will held a conference in the Natural History Museum of Bern, on the theme of the search for life.

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On Monday, March 19th, from 13h15 till 14h15, a conference was given by Pierre Brisson (President of the Mars Society Switzerland) at the EPFL (Lausanne Campus) to the students of ENAC (School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering) on the theme ”Living on Mars”. It covered the Environmental constraints, the access constraints, resources availability and possible exploitation, and kind of habitats.


Mars Workshop @ EPFL

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On March 13th the Mars Society Switzerland hold a Mars session at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (“EPFL”), Lausanne Campus, Room BC410.


13h15 till 13h30: Introduction to the Session: Situation and prospects of Mars exploration, by Pierre Brisson, Président of the MSS.


13h30 till 14h00: “Nuclear Technologies for Space exploration: an overview of nuclear thermal propulsion, radioisotope power generators and fission surface power”, by Dr Carlos Maidana (CERN from 2010 till 2012, PhD in Physics, Idaho State University, 2007).
14h00 till 14h30: “Use of ultralight polymer-based composite structures in future space exploration”, by Enrique Guzman, PhD student in the Laboratory of Applied Mechanics & Reliability Analysis of the EPFL.
14h30 till 15h00: “Destination Gale – MSL on the way to detect alien life?”, by Dr Hansjürg Geiger, exobiologist, Uni Bern.
15h00 till 15h30: “Subsurface exploration of Mars using long wavelength radars”, by Dr Anton Ivanov of the EPFL Space Center.

15h30 till 16h00: Discussion and drink.