Since its inception, the MSS has realized the following events:

  • “Mars vue de Neuchâtel” (Why Mars, Travel feasibility, Atomic Force Microscope)
  • Participation to “Micro10”; (Microtechnics for Space exploration)
  • Martian session of the 8th Swiss Geosciences Meeting, in cooperation with CHYN, the Center for Hydrogeology and Geothermy of the University of Neuchatel (Martian planetology and geology)
  • Commemorating of the 50th anniversary of Youri Gagarine’s flight (in cooperation with the Space Center of the EPFL)
  • Organization of EMC11 (the 11th European Mars Convention)

To get access to the abstracts of the presentations which were made at EMC11, click here or on the image hereunder.

To get further info about the presentations, please write to mars.society.switz(at)